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Luxemburg - Helyszínek, koncerttermek, más helyeken a koncertek és különféle rendezvények

By Julio Rodríguez Matute.

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An avalanche from the Nevado del Ruíz volcano buries and erases the Colombian city of Armero from the map, while tragic earthquakes strike Mexico City and central Chile. The ozone layer hole is discovered in Antarctica. The United States and the Soviet Union begin negotiations on nuclear and space disarmament, after 24 years of cold war.

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The Schengen area is created with free transit between countries of the European community and Spain opens the vehicular passage on its border with Gibraltar. Brazil and Uruguay return to democracy while in Peru Alan García is elected as President in his first term and where the Accomarca massacre occurs. In Colombia, the M19 guerrilla group seizes the Bogotá Palace of Justice with hostages; in the retake by the army 98 of them died and the Palace was semi-destroyed.

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A terrorist bomb explodes an Air India plane in flight in the south of Ireland, causing victims and another by the Islamic Jihad group at the El Descanso restaurant, near Madrid, leaving at least 18 fatalities. Palestinian terrorists hijack an Egypt Air plane that was diverted to Malta and where the abduction ended in tragedy with 58 of the 95 passengers killed. In South Africa interracial unions begin to be allowed and Desmond Tutu becomes the first black Anglican bishop.

The Bobbysocks duo theme! Whitney Houston debuts with her first album that bears her name and became famous the following year.

А теперь, - сказала она уже мягче. - Ты ведь помнишь, чего именно хочет твоя принцесса?. Медленно, очень медленно.

The company was negotiating film contracts abroad and a major marketing deal that, according to its president, Eric Morley, would bring more benefits to the beauty pageant. However, administrative costs had increased from £to £In OctoberMorley had revealed that Gateborough, a 75 percent-owned subsidiary of the group, planned to buy Gray, a Gray Street Casino, which had made £ 88, in profits in nine months last year.

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Gateborough had paid allschwil suisse anti aging percent of the price and agreed to pay the remainder for the premises and assets once the gaming license was obtained. A report had suggested that Morley was interested in entering the world of London casinos.

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London-based accounting firm Cork Gully was acting as a receiver for the Newcastle casino. In August, it was announced that the Miss World organization was going to invest in health clubs, but that it had definitively abandoned plans to buy two gambling casinos. The group, which also ran the Miss England, Wales, Scotland and UK pageants, had announced a rise in pre-tax earnings for the past six months, from £in the first half of to £During the second half of the year it held the main events, those of Miss World and Miss United Kingdom and should generate more income.

Earnings per share had increased from 3.

The company controlled by Eric Morley and his wife Julia announced that it would soon acquire its first health club, but proposals to acquire two gambling casinos had been abandoned. Crown Hotels had drawn up new contracts to sponsor the Miss England, Wales and Scotland pageants while the Miss United Kingdom would be sponsored by the Uni-vite diet firm.

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Top Shop, part of Burton, continued to sponsor Miss World. A new television contract with Thames Television, replacing the one that expired in latewould generate an additional £over three years. The pageants would continue to be co-hosted by Peter Marshall, who also started as the Miss World Master of Ceremonies in In the pageant, a Miss World Venezuela was chosen for the first time, a title that went to Miss Anzoátegui, Ruddy Rodríguez and who also took the Miss Photogenic award.

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Twenty-five candidates participated, including Gisselle Reyes Vargas Departmentwho later would be the runway teacher for the Misses for many years. The winner was the slender blonde Halla Bryndis Jonsdóttir, who was supposed to represent Iceland in both Miss Universe and Miss World, but only went to the first one.

In London she was replaced by the 1st.

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The finalists were Marianne Maller and Sabine de Jaeger. Shortly after, Pasquale was dethroned upon learning that she had taken some nude photos and replaced by the first runner-up, but on September 4, a judge ordered the reinstated the defenestrated Miss Holland as the photos she had taken had not been published. However, Pasquale was not sent to any international competition for the photo incident.

The first runner-up was sent to the unofficial Miss Europe held in Germany and the second runner-up to the Miss Universe and Miss International contest. Since the contest was held late, the organization decided to send Brigitte Bergman, who was first runner-up at Miss Holland to the Miss Universe pageant and, instead of Pasquale, they decided to send her also to Miss World The winner was Parnlekha Wanmuang, who traveled to Miss World.

The finalists were Judit Kruppa and Veronika Allschwil suisse anti aging.

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Csilla had to compete allschwil suisse anti aging Miss World in London, something that did not happen homályos látás szemcsepp to permission issues, so she only went to Germany to the unofficial Miss Europe of where she was a finalist. Due to the tragedy, the Miss Hungary pageant did not run again until Norma de Funes decided not to send a representative to the English contest that year so she subsequently lost the franchise.

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Meanwhile, the Miss Germany organization also lost the rights to Miss World and Miss Universe and the new directors appointed Marion Morell as the representative of that country in London without having participated in the national pageant. On the other hand, Miss Luxembourg, Gaby Chiarini, was replaced in Miss World by the first runner-up of her national contest, Beatrix Tinnemans, since Gaby had already competed in Miss Europe and Miss Universe and did not want to go to a third international contest; while the original Miss Gambia, Baturu Jallow, was dismissed after participating in Miss Universe for behavior likely unbecoming of the Crown and replaced by 1st runner-up, Georgett Salleh, who was sent to Miss World.


She lay in a hospital on Thursday August 15 in a coma. Surgeons removed her spleen and removed shell fragments from her right lung. Miss Chanine, 21, and Zeina Tadmurri, her roommate at the American University of Beirut, were injured by an 81mm mortar shell that exploded on Sunday August 11 on the wooded campus during the toughest battle between Christian and Muslim militias in two months.

Chanine, a sophomore in political science and public administration, was in the intensive care unit.

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However, she was slowly improving. Chanine had been chosen Miss Lebanon months earlier for the Miss World and Svájci anti aging hang győztes Universe pageants, but the Tourism Ministry disqualified her, arguing that the pageant had been unfair because Christians were not equally represented and she was Muslim.

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In a new contest Miss Joyce Sahab was chosen as Miss Lebanon for Miss Universe and Randa Sarkis for Miss World, however, the latter could not go to London either, being replaced by year-old Mary Khoury, lenvi anti aging minták was appointed at the last moment and possibly the only girl who, in the midst of the war, had the financial means to cover her trip to London.

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