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Obviously, I know the whole Sharon Tate story, as well as the famous Manson murders, but when it comes to actual films from that decade, well … Probably, I only know a few by name, a classic scene, or a memorable soundtrack.

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Nevertheless, from the moment we start understanding who Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth are, what they do, what they did, and what they want with their lives, then the film becomes incredibly captivating.

Cliff, as his stunt double, lives off of his buddy by doing everything he needs around the house and everywhere else. These two are inseparable, and their scenes are always filled with laughter and joy, even in the darkest moments. However, for someone who knows and understands how films are made, it will always be a better time at the theater.

You can love this movie, sure.

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The first has to be the black-and-white flicks inside the actual film. Putting Leonardo DiCaprio acting on classic westerns with over-the-top performances is an absolute delight. Watching those features in a black-and-white screen, filled with classic sound effects, and cheesy one-liners … Wonderful.

The second allows for my favorite scenes of the whole movie: the extensive anti aging sorozat wardah beauty dialogues.

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I mean, 10 or minute sequences where DiCaprio just gives it his all. This is how every single film should be done. Therefore, from watching a simple dialogue scene with DiCaprio and Julia Butters a year-old little girl! Obviously, if this is a character-driven narrative, the cast has to be genuinely compelling.

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Brad Pitt also has tons of nominations on his lap with an astonishing supporting display. The score is addictive, and it carries a very significant role in the movie.

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I would say that if Tarantino was able to shorten its runtime and control its pacing neutrogena anti age, this would be a technically perfect film. Filled with award-winning lead performances second Oscar for DiCaprio, pleasethis character-driven story is packed with references to the 60s which will be the divisive point in whether people will enjoy the film or not. If you love filmmaking and you know the insides of the art, Tarantino delivers a near-perfect technical production.

A personal favourite. Meanwhile the Manson Family nutjobs are lurking in the background, prepping to attack.


A famous director once succinctly defined a great movie as such: Three good scenes, no bad scenes. While the second part of this definition is debatable with "Once Upon a Time My three favorite scenes are: The amusing satirical Bruce Lee confrontation; the great Spahn Ranch episode, which effectively creates an underlying sense of menace; and, of course, the entertaining hippie attack in the final act.

Thankfully, there are numerous additional gems: The friendship and respect of Rick and Cliff; the audacious flamethrower sequence; Rick's breakdown with the precocious girl actor not actress ; the beautiful women throughout; the great cast, including several celeb cameos; the entertaining soundtrack; Brandi, the pit bull; Rick's meltdown in his trailer; Rick finally pulling off a quality acting scene via ad libbing; George Spahn not remembering Cliff; everything surprisingly turning out to be precisely as so-and-so said; the allusion to what MAY have happened to Cliff's nagging wife Rebecca Gayheart on the boat; the way it should have turned out on that infamous night; and the heartwarming close, The film runs 2 hour, 41 minutes, and was shot in the Los Angeles area.

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I have an interest in Hollywood, more from the s though, so some of the slower scenes still kept my attention, but there's no real plot and minimal character development.

That said, DiCaprio and Pitt both give great performances and Margot Robbie of course had her moments, however I could only chuckle during the theater scene when she kicked her bare feet up.


Okay, Quentin, lol. The movie pays tribute to old Hollywood, film making, Sharon Tate, stunt work, and actors. He manages to rebuild classy LA thanks to the crew and creative team. Dalton, a self-centered, yet vulnerable actor that you both laugh and pity.

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I will often forget about DiCaprio comedic chops, something similar to Ryan Gosling. Yep, I teared up in a Tarantino movie.

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Leo was the pulse of the movie. Brad Pitt was amazing as the deadpan and cool Cliff Booth.

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This is probably my favorite performance from him. The chemistry between Leo and Brad was electric. Pitt was the meat of the movie. Margot Robbie was an absolute delight portraying the late Sharon Tate.

I thought her portrayal in the movie was a beautiful tribute and how they handle her gives new life into her legacy. Robbie was the heart of the movie. The other supporting cast all did terrific with the little screen time most of them had. Kurt Russell makes a welcoming return as a character that I assume is Stuntman Mike from 'Death Proof' - either way still a welcoming presence.

Al Pacino was a blast to watch as the tight and yet colorful producer. I mean, this is the same director who made a four hour movie honoring the legend. The lights of LA coming to life at the dust of dawn, or the suspenseful scenes that actually got me feeling tense watching it.

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And of course with it being a Tarantino movie, the anti aging sorozat wardah beauty is lost treasure revived for a modern generation. Always fantastic and incredibly catchy. This is slowly creeping up to being my favorite Quentin Tarantino movie, but time will tell I guess.

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