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He took pictures, and was mesmerized by a strange feeling, a feeling that lasts to this day when he holds the final image in his hand. We talked with Balázs Telek, art photographer, camera designer, teacher and visionary. You came into contact with photography as a child. Can you tell us about the beginning?

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My dark room experiences go way back, as my mother worked as an Xray assistant for 30 years and I would sometimes spend the night-shift with her. Every device they used was huge and hard to handle, so I was easily convinced that sometimes you have to work very hard for a good picture.

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What kind of techniques does this entail and why did it speak to you so directly? The phrase camera obscura, or dark room, originated from Kepler, and is the name of a natural phenomenon that is pretty much everywhere.

Protest for Transylvania. Camera 2 Tüntetés Erdélyért. Kamera B György Dózsa Street, traffic. Demonstration to protest against the demolition of villages in Romania. Gathering, Székely anthem.

The light beams create a special image when they arrive in the darkness, which is, in accordance with the laws of physics, upside down and mirrored.

You also design cameras.


How should we imagine this? My cameras are usually simple cardboard boxes, sprinkled with a little elegance, covered in some kind of fabric, and outfi tted with a manual, sometimes one-of-a-kind interesting from the outside, but the look of them often informs about the essence of what is inside.

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On the inside anything can happen, your imagination can run wild. There are so many surfaces that can carry photosensitive materials. Are you a team player or a lone wolf?

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Throughout my work I mainly worked alone. I see the point of joining and working with groups in which my personal autonomy remains intact, but also provide a bm konyhák suisse anti aging for sharing thought, inspiration and honest critiques. The creation and disbanding of a group should be irs osztály életkód anti aging as a natural process, and it is great to feel the cohesion between a diverse group of people when a common goal acts as a magnet.

It is sad and often hard to understand why the magnet loses its holding power, but once we understand that everything changes, it all falls into place. You also teach.

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What chances does a gifted young photographer have today in Hungary? The best chance for beginners is provided by the large palette of options available to them. Proper institutions for teaching, even in terms of just photography, have become incredibly diverse in Hungary, and I can say they pretty much cover all the bases. The standards are varied, but the increasing demand is good for it.

The only thing that worries me is the monetary aspect of all of this.

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Today, being a photographer is a fad profession. A large number of people apply, and they often have unreal notions about what a Hungarian photographer is like these days or what kind of life and work they actually have. You founded your own studio.

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What kind of work and events bm konyhák suisse anti aging place here? Apart from creating my own studio, it was a goal to create a place that can act as a meeting point, an inspirational jumping board, a gallery for exhibitions and a classroom for education.

All this has been accomplished. I needed the supporting presence of my wife and family to make it happen. It is a testament to the selfl essness and sacrifi ces of my loved ones that this place, after 4 years of existence, still functions and actually gives home to new works, plans and events.

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