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The Captain and The Foot Soldier: Ferenc Puskas was a hero on two fronts

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This contract includes providing a state-of-the-art fully automated system to manage yard operations and 15 years of maintenance services. Located south-east of Rotterdam, the Kijfhoek marshalling yard encompasses 50 hectares, with 14 arrival tracks, 41 classification tracks and 12 stabling tracks.

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In addition, the highly digitalized maintenance services will improve general operations and reduce the overall life cycle costs. Trackguard Cargo MSR32 is a proven system specifically designed to efficiently manage and organize the movement of rail cars in freight yards. It allows for the rationalization of operational sequences at all levels, from train arrival to train departure, and provides the maximum possible automation of all work cycles and humping operations.

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This includes the route and speed control units for all points, retarders, and propelling systems, as well as the radio-based integration of the humping locomotive to closely manage the humping speed. This project, as well as the year customer service commitment, builds on the already longstanding relationship between Siemens Mobility and ProRail B. Siemens Mobility has previously partnered with ProRail to deliver class B signaling systems, rail electrification, track outdoor elements, passenger counting systems, and station displays.

Siemens Mobility is also one of the finalists for a running tender to implement ETCS nationally across the Netherlands. For this press release.

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