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Nevertheless, experts say, the pregnancy rate among women over 35 has nearly doubled.

K§ But, of course, it is easier for wealthy people as certain medical treatments are terribly expensive. Women at this age are almost three times as likely to develop diabetes during pregnancy than moms in their 20s.

Your task is to w rite the letter of the co rre ct an sw er next to the statem en ts. First, you will have so m e tim e to study the task, and th en w e will play the record ing.

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T h enafter a short pause, listen to the record in g again. At the end, you will have som e m ore tim e to ch eck your answ ers. IS Parents should offer their children a choice of breakfast cereals. WM Eating while going to school is very unhealthy.

WOk There are places in Australia where kids go to school without breakfast every day. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal for schoolkids.

There is no joy except in human rela­ tionships. Antoine de Saint-Exupery All the phrases below are in co n n ectio n w ith hum an relationships. Put the words in th e colum n w ith w hich we asso ciate the phrase the m ost. T h ere are phrases that fit m ore th an one p lace though. Who are the people around you and how do you get on with them? I B i W hat are the advantages and disadvantages of different generations living together?

Does it exist in Hungary? IB W hat do parents and children argue about?

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ESI Are parents too permissive nowadays? H I Why do parents treat boys and girls differently? Do you agree? Why not? PEI Single-sex schools are old-fashioned. Men keep their friends longer than women.

Where did you meet? Why do you get on well? W hat have you got in common? How do you keep in touch? EOS How often do you see your friends and what do you do together?

A felhasználói szerződésről általában, és annak elhatárolása a végfelhasználókkal játékosokkal megkötött szerződésektől b. A virtuális valóságot szimuláló szoftverek végfelhasználói szerződései c.

What about? How do you solve your problems? S 3 W hat is better: to have one close friend or several other friends?

_Что_ узнать. - спросил Ричард.

S I We are engaged in m any different relationships. I get on well with my parents, especially my mom, who is very understanding, but I often have rows with my twin brother. He is too bossy and aggressive. It barks all the time. Luckily, the other neighbour is a nice old lady, who likes gossiping and makes delicious cakes every weekend. But the most important person for me is my girlfriend. She is the irs osztály életkód anti aging beautiful girl in the world, I love her so much.

Nobody understands me!

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My parents always criticize the way I look, the way I dress and they do not like any of my friends. My classmates are either big-headed, rude boys or eager beaver, silly, giggling girls. At school I am absolutely lonely and desperate. I have a few friends, but they go to different schools or work and we can only meet at the weekends.

I can communicate easily with almost anybody. I am said to be a good listener. It takes me ages to start talking. I am quite reserved and introverted, unfortunately. My parents work in shifts and we sometimes do not meet for a whole week. We have a note-board in the kitchen and we leave messages on it. I have my own cell phone, so we can talk, but I am on a tight budget and I text them instead sharon anti aging krémek calling.

Therefore, whenever it is possible I meet people personally and talk to them or at least I phone them. I really need that personal contact. Sometimes it is not the question of choice whether adult children live with their parents or not. It is simply a necessity or a mere solution to a financial problem, as having your own home or renting an appropriate lodging depends on your financial situation. There are a lot of young couples unable to afford to rent a house or a room and they stay with one of their parents.

From the financial point of view it is an advantage: you can save money, and you can share not only household expenses but the housework as well. However, you do not have your own life, your mother-in-law can be irs osztály életkód anti aging nosy and pushy, she can interfere with all aspects of your life, which may poison your relationship.

To sum up, although it is cheap and you can share the chores and help is at hand you cannot have privacy, and you are likely to be observed and criticized all the time. People of the same age form one group as they were brought up at the same time, according to the same educational principles; they have roughly the same experiences, and they tend to think in a similar way.

Anyway children used to rebel against their parents, and 2. This is the same everywhere, not just in Hungary. I am an only child so my family is very small and my grandparents live far from us.

  • Я объясню тебе через несколько минут, когда мы дойдем до того места в зале, откуда можно посмотреть на галактическую плоскость верху.
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  • Мальчики, мальчики, - окликнула детей Наи.
  • А что случилось с Галилеем и Марией.

I am really fond of my father, who is a very clever, intelligent and hard-working person. He taught me many things to play chess, to skate, to pay attention to the lyrics of songs, to be polite with girls etc. We play squash together twice a week, and he never misses this chance to be together. My mum works a lot, and I have to help her with all kinds of housework. I do the shopping, heat up my meals and wash up the dishes, clean my room, make dinner etc.

This is the topic we always quarrel about. She expects too much from me, I guess. On the other hand, she provides for me. I have everything a young person needs nowadays, and I get a lot of good things: private lessons, extra sports activities, fashionable clothes and fantastic entertainment programmes. There are six of us in my family: my parents, my elder sister and younger brother and my granny.

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Neither of us can persuade the other. This means we quarrel all the time and it makes our family gatherings a disaster. Moreover, my younger brother is a jerk, a hyperactive crazy kid and he always follows and imitates me, and wants to fight. In a word he gets on my nerves, so I try to get rid of him whenever I can. My granny is the heart of the family.

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She is a real homemaker, and does everything to keep the family together. She insists on family dinners on weekdays and big family lunches at week­ ends. Everyone should appear in the dining-room at 1 p. I am really grateful to her for irs osztály életkód anti aging occasions, we look and feel like a real family. Some parents are strict and argue about clothes, hairstyle and friends. Having tattoos, a mohawk or black leather outfit demonstrate that you belong to a certain teenage cult, which parents do not appreciate.

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Skinheads, punks, rockers or goths are not considered to be very respectable, and parents do not let their children meet their friends. Girls are not satisfied with their bodies, start dieting and may develop eating disorders. Parents argue with them about it and force them to eat. E l How do you solve disputes with your parents?

If none of us can persuade the other, we leave the room and everybody hides. After a while - hours or days - we carry on our normal life and behave as if nothing happened. My mom is a great negotiator, and always mediates successfully.

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As both sides me and my parents look for a compromise, sooner or later we can find a solution and come to an agreement. Firstly, we are not young children, and we notice more and more interesting phenomena in the world, understand important things, and make amazing discoveries in human relations.

  • Во всяком случае, в том смысле, в котором вы понимаете время.
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  • Кэти бросила шприц в раковину, оглядела себя в зеркале.
  • Ричард четко помнил тот ужас, который испытал, когда по указке восьмируких врачей непонятные небольшие существа полезли в его нос.

Secondly, we do not have to work and worry about where to get money to pay the bills. We can alkalommal svájci öregedésgátló karosszériaeszközök life to the full. Kids are too childish for us, whereas adults look down on us and do not take us seriously. We ourselves do not know who we are, what we want or where we should go.

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We are in continuous doubt. Yes and no.

Но обо всем этом мы можем поговорить попозже, мама. Лучше расскажи мне о Никки и Роберте. с ними все в порядке. - Твоя дочь день ото дня становится все очаровательнее, она очень скучает по. Но Роберт так полностью и не оправился.

It depends on the parents. Modern psychology suggests that instead of giving orders or applying strict rules parents should talk to their kids and make them understand what is good or bad. Some of my classmates can do whatever they want: stay out late, go to festivals, have almost everything, but they are lonely Those who cannot go out are unhappy as well. It is very irs osztály életkód anti aging to find a middle way, a good solution. If I get a 5, or write a good test I am praised and can go to a concert, for example.

But when I do something wrong: I am late, or do not wash up the dishes my parents punish me. I am grounded for a week, or get less or no pocket money.

I am angry at first, but then I accept it and try irs osztály életkód anti aging to do it next time.

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B 1 Why do parents treat boys and girls differently? Because they try to pass on certain social expectations and teach their kids different roles.

There are social stereotypes, which partly originate from the biological differences between men and women. Boys, for example, are expected to be brave, strong and protective. We want girls to become sensitive, caring and kind. You can recognize a baby-boy or baby-girl from the colour of their clothes or the toys they play with. Boys play with cars, guns or some sort of machines, whereas girls have their dolls and they dress them, cook for them or look after them all day long, just like their parents.

Ill There is no friendship between a boy and a girl. They belong to different sexes and sooner or later they are attracted to each other biologically.

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