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Sirt1 és anti aging.

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Új anti-aging hatóanyag, a resveratrol Tartalom PLoS One ; 16 5 : e, Increased metabolic demands of active brain regions are matched with hemodynamic responses known as neurovascular coupling NVC.

Several methods that allow noninvasive assessment of brain activity in humans detect NVC and early detection of NVC impairment may serve as an early marker of cognitive impairment. Therefore, jobedays svájc anti aging NVC assessments may serve as a valuable tool to detect early signs of cognitive impairment and dementia. Working memory tasks are routinely employed in the evaluation of cognitive task-evoked NVC responses.

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However, recent attempts that utilized functional near-infrared spectroscopy fNIRS or transcranial Doppler sonography TCD while using a similar working memory paradigm did not provide convincing evidence for the correlation of the hemodynamic variables measured by apró ráncok eltüntetése two methods. In the current study, we aimed sirt1 és anti aging compare fNIRS and TCD in their performance of differentiating NVC responses evoked by different levels of working memory workload during the same working memory task used as cognitive stimulation.

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Fourteen healthy young individuals were recruited for this study and performed an n-back cognitive test during TCD and fNIRS monitoring. During TCD monitoring, the middle cerebral artery MCA flow was bilaterally increased during the task associated with greater cognitive effort. Robust changes in prefrontal cortex hemodynamics may explain the profound change in MCA blood flow during the same cognitive task.

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