Lízing svájci anti aging perekkel

lízing svájci anti aging perekkel

Angolul itt található a beadvány: Office of the Prosecutor Dear Prosecutor, We would like to draw your attention to the genocide and crimes against humanity, which were committed and are currently committed by the leaders of the banks providing credit for the Hungarian population, the leaders of the bodies supervising their operation, prosecutors, judges and politicians preventing the investigation of the crimes.

We kindly ask you to order an investigation relating to the crimes above. Documents containing the signatures certifying the authorization and the orders verifying the refusal of our reports are attached to the accusation. By the time the English version of the accusation arrives, we will support our submission with new signatures.

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Dear International Criminal Court, The bankers, during the crediting activity of their banks plundered thousands of debtors by concluding contracts used for committing a series of swindles deceiving people and, by this, debtors were exposed to severe distress and deprivation which has endangered and made their physical subsistence impossible and made it difficult for families to have children or prevented it, moreover lízing svájci anti aging perekkel has driven them to commit suicide and lízing svájci anti aging perekkel of thousands of people to leave the country.

In Hungary, since the year banks have made foreign-currency based and leasing contracts with the public. According to these contracts the banks paid the credit in HUF, the legal currency of Hungary, to the borrower, and the purchase of the leasing objects by the banks has also been carried out in HUF, and borrowers and lessees are obliged to pay their debt in HUF.

However, the credit and leasing contracts usually contained the fact that debts are registered by the banks in foreign currency — Swiss francs, Euros and Japanese yens. Contrary to the stipulations of the contract banks did not register the forint-debts in foreign currency designated as registration currency, but on the day of disbursement they registered in the foreign exchange value and treated them as debts created in Swiss francs, Euros and Japanese yens.

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In reality, none of the contracts contained foreign currency, it was not placed at the disposal of lízing svájci anti aging perekkel and they did not purchase the leasing objects for foreign currency; foreign currency has not been handed over, purchased or sold at all connected to the contracts, neither by banks nor between banks and borrowers. Following the conclusion of the contract banks continuously raised the sum of regular payments and the principal outstanding unilaterally modifying the contracts, during which they suggested that the sum of the debt rose by the fact that the rate of Hungarian forint decreased compared to the currency registered.

In reality, the changing in rates could not have had any influence on the forint sum of the debt, since the foreign currency was only the currency registered and not the subject or the legal basis of the debt.

It may also not be invoked that the debt defined in foreign currency must be given converted to HUF according to § of the Civil Code, since the sum of foreign currency shall be handed over to the Debtor by virtue of loan, which then must be repaid by the Debtor. The bank did not give financial liability to the Debtors, since it did not have any financial liability towards the people against lízing svájci anti aging perekkel, but it should have given a loan for a service.

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But it does not change into a financial debt and in this case no interest on loan may be charged. The reason why they claim rights to the interest is a falsified accounting of the actual event and the registration of the sum of foreign currency as debt. Instead the provision of the purchase price should have been accounted since the economical event was the disbursement of the sum of foreign currency, and a sales contract could have been used to claim for the payment of the consideration of foreign currency and trading margin, however they did not do so.

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As the banks accounted the disbursement of loan instead of the actual event they committed a fraud. The valid provisions controlling the disbursement of loans do not enable the disbursement of HUF for foreign currency. By deceit, the growing rate of foreign currency and the interest on loan that had never been provided was claimed simultaneously, and at the same time the margin between the disbursement in HUF at buying rate and the payment of the monthly installment at selling rate was also lízing svájci anti aging perekkel, in addition the exchange difference was also charged for the administration fee in many cases.

If we analyze it from the aspect of the legal facts then Debtors have been mislead and deceived and taking advantage of them this way caused them material injury, but in fact it is a lot more than that. The Banks continued to raise the installments unilaterally also in the period when the rate of the Hungarian forint strengthened compared to the foreign currency registered.

Banks charged different costs which actually had not incurred, in addition the price difference between the selling and buying rate of the HUF and the foreign currency registered, despite the fact that during the legal relationship created based on the contracts neither sale and purchase nor conversion of foreign currency took place.

The banks defined the sum of debts in all cases unilaterally, based on their own registration, and the reason of this was not communicated to the Debtors in a verifiable manner and they did not provide any opportunity for the Debtors to check or argue the correctness of the statements made by the banks.

Contrary to the regular reimbursement of the debt the loan of the Debtors and the sum of installments grew continuously due to the increase in foreign currency rates. Within a few years, because of the unfair proceedings of the banks, the monthly installment of Debtors increased significantly; its original rate doubled or tripled.

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Legjobb természetes anti aging olajok arcra the fact that the net average income in Hungary is around HUFabout Euroswhich, taking the costs of living into account, is just enough to cover the costs that are absolutely necessary.

Due to the unilateral and considerable increase of the installments most of the people could not continue to repay them, even at the expense of serious lízing svájci anti aging perekkel privation. From them at least more thanpeople have not paid their credit for more than 90 days, therefore the bank may terminate the contract at any moment. In addition, there is an unknown number of contracts in which mortgage is registered on vehicle, no mortgage has been realized and personal loans are registered in foreign currency and also student loans in the same construction.

The loan in foreign currency, taking family members, guarantors and their family members into account involves 3 million people directly and 4 million indirectly.

In case of Debtors becoming insolvent, the banks brought a collection procedure based on the decision of the notary without final and enforceable judicial decision according to their own logbooks relating to the amount of debt defined by them and evicted the debtors and their families from the properties mortgaged so that no accommodation was provided for them.

As a result, tens of thousands of families were made homeless. Currently, there are more thanproperties designated for forced sale. Lízing svájci anti aging perekkel, however, did not consider debts as paid even after taking away and selling the mortgaged properties, but they subtracted the purchase price of the properties generally sold far below the real market price due to the floppy property market resulted by the mass auctions. Nevertheless, the debt was simultaneously increased by the cost of collection that was defined unrealistically high and the margin of the rate of the foreign currency that had never been provided.


In addition, banks consider the debts defined by them as inheritable, therefore the inheritors of the debtors deceased or committed suicide as a result of the extreme poverty must pay it on behalf of the person deceased. Due to the indebtedness most of the population — hundreds of thousands of people — got under the minimum subsistence, therefore they are not able to bear lízing svájci anti aging perekkel costs of the legal action against banks. Consequently and as a result of the fraudulent behavior of banks the robbed people do not receive any effective income in Hungary and they are not protected in any way against the arbitrariness of banks.

Due to the situation described, from the bank debtors more than 3.

Szerencsére minden eddiginél szélesebb nemzetközi összefogás kezd kibontakozni a szervezett bűnözés, a nemzetközi terrorizmus és a pénzmosás ellen.

Large numbers of people robbed by banks in a tendentious way for a long period of time and led into an impossible position do not even own the material tools necessary for self-preservation, and under these circumstances, obviously, they have no possibility to have children.

The situation, which was known only earlier, in times of world wars, when children and the elderly froze or died of starvation because of the severe deprivation caused by banks.

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In summary, in Hungary, due to the misuse of foreign-currency based loan and leasing agreements, and due to the illegitimacies committed by banks in legal relationships, a significant part of the population got into a situation which may cause their physical destruction and prevents births in this group of the population. Considering this fact, the act of the heads of banks can be considered as a crime of genocide described in sections c. Therefore we kindly a legjobb öregedésgátló testápoló 2022 the honorable Prosecutor to conduct an investigation on your own initiative against the heads of banks making foreign-currency based loan and leasing agreements, those of hindering the inspection of this injustice and the persons having relevant powers and empowered under the law to investigate these matters however do not act accordingly.

By name the head of the biggest bank in Hungary dr.

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Sándor Csányi, dr. Péter Polt Chief Prosecutor, dr. Viktor Orbán Prime Minister, the prime ministers in office since Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gordon Bajnai, and the notaries and other persons unknown contributing to the adoption of the collections.

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As the reason of our request, we are hereby presenting that the Hungarian government did not fulfill its regulatory obligation with regard to crimes against humanity, thus a crime defined by the legal fact of extermination is neither known nor even sanctioned by the Hungarian legal system as crime. Many of our accusations have been denied without substantive investigation; we have gone through all routes from the consumer protection to the Office of the President of Hungary.

At the time of our criminal accusation filed due to tax evasion the criminal investigators attempted to intimidate to withdraw the accusation, since if an investigation is initiated in the case, the stock exchange will collapse.

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Then we turned to the Hungarian parliament and the speaker with the concordant authorization of almost 20, people. Neither substantive answer was not given, nor measures taken, while the people are robbed on a continuous bases by the accelerated evictions and collections. We have already done what could be done in Hungary in compliance with the laws.

For this reason, the only remaining option for us is to have the right of appeal to the International Criminal Court, since according to the Hungarian laws banks and their supervisory bodies are not willing to carry out appropriate investigation relating to this matter. To inform you on the series of frauds we are presenting the facts based on the valid laws and regulations in Hungary.

Therefore, as the legal facts of the fraud: Btk. Criminal Code of Hungary Fraud Moreover, we are hereby referring to the decision No. Based on the loan agreement the bank does not provide foreign currency for the client neither effectively nor in a figurative sense. The borrower cannot receive foreign currency in any way and extent within the frames of this transaction, the creditor makes available only HUF.

As the creditor does not provide foreign currency for the debtor, namely it is not provided for him, the debtor does not have anything to sell at the time of receiving the loan, no taking over of foreign currency by the bank takes place the client does not have foreign currency for sale.

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No sales of brenda davis anti aging termekek currency — sale and purchase — takes place within the loan transaction, therefore the creditor may not use the margin at different buying — disbursement and selling-repayment exchange rate.

Meanwhile, banks conclude a loan agreement defined by the Civil Code with the debtors and oblige the debtor to make a declaration of recognizing the debt which is the condition of the loan disbursement. The elimination of the trade margin in the transaction so that banks apply buying rate at the time of purchase of the installment defined in foreign currency by the debtor, does not resolve the essence of the problem.

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The substantial problem is that it is not the loan anti aging kozmetika pptx has been provided but the buying price of a foreign-currency sale.

And that is why the trade margin comes up if banks calculate with the selling price at the time of the repayment. In case of selling and buying foreign currency the trade margin is also included because of the essence of the transaction, however in this case the transaction should not be defined as money lending as defined by banks.

In case of selling and buying of foreign currency the buying price shall not be fixed as loanor foreign-currency debt purchased by the bank and claimed to be repaid during the maturity, only as a debt resulting from sale.

Az értelmes emberek vitafóruma

No nominal interest rate may be claimed on the sum of foreign currency registered as the debt created during the sale because the amount of foreign currency is not loan or credit debt but a debt of money existing due to the sale. Based on this amount the foreign exchange difference and trade margin can be charged, but in this case we do not talk about a lending transaction. However, loan interest may not be included since it is not money lending that took place. Banks mentioned above indicated the money service provided in a different way from reality in case of the so called foreign-currency based loans, and by this mislead and deceived which resulted in material injury, which amounts to the regulations set forth in paragraph 1 § of the CrC.

To support this statement we are hereby referring, on one hand, to the position of dr. Péter Polt, Chief Prosecutor addressed to the Curia from which we are presenting a quote below, on the other hand to the declaration of the lawyer Prime Minister of Hungary made several times in front of the public according to which banks swindled and mislead debtors. Instead of the amount of foreign currency registered the financial institutions disbursed only its consideration in HUF calculated from the buying price at daily exchange rate on the date of disbursement.

If this economic event is a loan, the foreign currency registered may not be claimed for in full amount, since the nominal value of the foreign currency is not provided, which ensures lízing svájci anti aging perekkel transfer of the change in the vale caused by the changes in the exchange rate; the change in the subject of the loan, i.

As repayable loan capital only the nominal value of the HUF as capital can be claimed, which has been made available for the Debtor.

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