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These kids travelled alone; many of them came from state orphanages. A great number were apprentices who participated in the fights and also peasant and poor children from the countryside.

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Lajos Kiss was mr vitler anti aging years old when he escaped from an orphanage at Dorog, a mining town not far from Budapest. He ended up in an Austrian camp in Novemberand in December he was moved to Portugal with 30 orphan boys.

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Horthy and his family kept a low profile; he enjoyed the hospitality of António de Oliveira Salazar, Portugal authoritarian and the very Catholic ruler who kept himself in power for 36 years as Prime Minister. No country wanted him, and finally in January he was able to move to Portugal. Miklós Horthy Horthy was 88 when the revolution broke out in Budapest and he heard about the refugee boys.

He was homeless and later was sent back to Austria to be trained as a car mechanic.

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If you know about him, drop us a note. Our readers would love to know whatever happened to the year-old boy Miklós Horthy adopted in György Lázár N. Read here.

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He later moved to California where he became mesmerized by the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley and spent the next 25 years in high-tech consulting focusing on the financial aspects of technology. In the last couple of years he became a contributor to several Hungarian and English language publications.

He and his wife enjoy spending time in Hungary, they try to go to Europe as often as they can.

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