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No responsibility is assumed by the publisher for the scientific contents of the abstracts. Szeretettel ko szo nto m az V. Interdiszciplináris Doktorandusz Konferencia IDK valamennyi résztvevo jét, elo adóját és vendégét!

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A Pécsi Tudományegyetem Doktorandusz Önkormányzatának elno keként kimagasló sikerként élem meg, hogy a konferencia immáron o to dik alkalommal jo het létre a Pécsi Tudományegyetem szellemi ko telékében. A korábbi évekhez hasonlóan kiemelt érdeklo dés o vezte az eseményt, amelyet mi sem példáz jobban, mint az a ko zel résztvevo nk, akik szerte swiss chafer anti aging világból érkeztek Pécsre. Céljaink az évek alatt mit sem változtak: fórumot ki vánunk biztosi tani határokon és tudományágakon átnyúló szakmai párbeszéd kialaki tására a jo vo tudósgenerációjának: azoknak a fiatal kutatóknak, akik a tudomány művelésében találták meg életcéljukat.

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A rendezvény palettáját idén neves külfo ldi és hazai plenáris elo adók egyaránt szi nesi tik, továbbá a művészeti és művészetelméleti témák megjelenésével olyan kutatási területekkel bo vült a konferencia, amelyek az elmúlt években nem swiss chafer anti aging az eseményt. Ennek ko vetkeztében az idei, jubileumi Interdiszciplináris Doktorandusz Konferencia egyedülállónak módható, mivel lefedi az alkotói és kutatói tevékenységek teljes spektrumát legyenek azok akár tudományos, akár művészeti irányúak.

Ko szo nto met Kornis Gyula szavaival zárom: A természet a tudós kutató ki váncsi szeme elo tt egészen sohasem engedi magát mindenestül leleplezni. De éppen ez a teljesen át nem hatolható leple a varázsa és a bája, amely a tudóst folytonosan a vizsgálódásra tovább ingerli, problématudatát feszültségben tartja.

Sikeres tanácskozást és kellemes ido to ltést ki vánok!

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As president of the Doctoral Student Association of the University of Pécs, I feel that it is a remarkable success that this conference takes place this year fifth time in the University of Pécs.

Just like the previous conferences it gained, outstanding attention. This shows our nearly participants from all around the world. Our goals remained the same over the years: we want to establish a forum for young researchers to gain cross-boarder experiences and broader our scientific and social horizon. This year our conference has famous plenary speakers from Europe and Hungary as well, and with the appearance of the topic art, we broader the old horizons of our conference.

Thanks to this initiative this year s jubilee conference cover the widest range of sciences from the procreative to the researcher sciences as well, with special regards to the artistic sciences. I would like to end my welcome speech öregedésgátló tippek baba ramdevtől a quote from Albert Einstein: To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.

I hope you all swiss chafer anti aging have successful discussions and a great time, Zsolt Cseporán dr. The economy relies largely on the availability of unskilled labour and natural resources [2]. Higher education in Vietnam is struggling with a large weakness issues swiss chafer anti aging swiss chafer anti aging quality of the mass education do not compared to the international standards with the outdated curriculum and education methods lead to the mismatches between the quality of university graduates and society s requirement [3], [4].

The higher education system is left behind the neighbour countries in Asia and is far greater behind Western developed nations. Furthermore, every year, a swiss chafer anti aging number of Vietnamese students study abroad through selffunded or state funded scholarship and refuse to go back to serve their nation [5].

Therefore, following the success in implementing transnational education of neighbour countries in East Asia, Vietnamese higher education institutions seeks partner from developed countries to form partnership and bring the high quality higher education at students doorstep. Transnational education with the degree awarded by foreign partner is the new practice in Vietnam higher education context.

Vietnam is becoming an attractive off-shore market since opening its higher education market after joining The World Trade Organisation in There is limited research regarding the birth of transnational program in Vietnam and there is little notice that these programs are growing strongly.

Transnational education is described as all types of higher education study programs or educational services including distance education in which the learners are located in a country different from the one where the awarding institution is based [6].

My research aims to understanding the characteristic of transnational education programs in the Vietnam, focus on the partnership programs between domestic higher education institutions and foreign partners. This paper reviews literature and statistics regarding higher education in Vietnam and the latest government policy to show a picture of transnational education provision in Vietnam.

The author point out the rationales introducing transnational education and analyse partnership programs between Vietnamese higher education institutions and foreign partners.

The growth of partnership programs within 10 years, the main characteristics and the challenges its face are clearly demonstrated.

Although many concerns are raising regarding the cooperate with overseas higher education institutions, tranational education programs are growing rapidly, in hope of enhancing academic quality of domestic institutions, increasing the revenue from tuition-fee and providing more highly skilled workforce for the modernization process of the nation. References: [1] World Bank Vietnam overview. Higher education in Vietnam: Reforms, challenges and priorities.

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Harman, M. Pham Eds. Dordrecht: Springer. The mismatch between the quality of university graduates and the educational reform at tertiary level in Vietnam. Limitation on the development of skills in higher education in Vietnam. Higher Education, 65 5[5] Le, H. Vietnamese higher education in the globalisation context: A question of qualitative or quantitative targets. Anti aging olajos tisztító módszer arcra is well understood that sustainable growth is not possible without proper innovation management.

Lots of energy is invested to implement and setup well-structured stage gate processes from idea generation till market launch with state of the art project management, however fundamental question is mostly ignored, neglected: what innovation culture matches to industries, markets certain companies serve.


This paper researches the literature of different innovation capability measurement systems Select one which has a fundamental new approach and shows the status of a model validation process at a new industry. The model main claim is that there is no good or bad innovation culture.

These conditions provide excellent opportunity to validate the model at this industry and propose if applicable necessary adjustments. Keywords: Innovation, management. IDK 11 Crypto currencies currencies governed by belief Bitcoin, Piggycoin, Monero, Peercoin, Ethereum and the rest Andrea Kriskó 1 1 Széchenyi István University, Doctoral School of Regional- and Economic Sciences The most surprising characteristic of digital currencies is that they are not backed by collateral, money, gold or some other asset; in spite of all this, masses of people are using them to make payments in the virtual realm.

The most popular crypto currency that has drawn the most limelight is Bitcoin, by today, striving to acquire rights identical to those of real currencies.

Nadel; asl. Entfernter aigv Scham fühlen. Germanisch in aiviskia. Eiche; as. Schande, Beschämung, unaivisks f.

There are other digital methods of payments as well, however, currencies which deserve the attention of financial professionals. Why are these digital currencies so popular?

Berzsenyi Z. Növénytermelés, Crossa, J.

Why do given digital currencies differ from one another? Why is the settlement of digital payment transactions different from that of a bank transfer? I seek the answers to these questions, sketching out the operation of the most popular digital currencies, the processing of the transactions, and the level of development of background infrastructure.

I am going to briefly sketch the history of digital currencies and then review the successive generations of crypto currencies, in order to present the disadvantages or shortcomings of the systems, including measures taken to overcome these shortcomings. I am going to present the vulnerability of the systems and the dangers inherent in their use. I shall discuss the motivations of the users of digital currencies and the primary movers of bringing various payment systems to life.

I shall examine success factors that make a given crypto-currency successful and accepted on a global basis.

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Why do users in the internet realm turn to digital currencies? The use of digital currencies reduces the swiss chafer anti aging burden; transaction costs are fundamentally low and no age category is excluded from the potential circle of users.

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Each user is equal, neutral and anonymous, thus the system is entirely free of discrimination. In the case of crypto currencies, the lack of a central issuer happens to coincide with the lack of control; in the case of abuse, the identification of the perpetrator of the criminal act is practically impossible.

Consequently, crimes committed in virtual space contain numerous challenges for the authorities, even today. Benson and S. Lofteness, Payment Sytems in the U. Boglárka Konka 1 1 University of Pannonia, Faculty of Business and Economics Scientometrics, the measurement of science is gaining more and more importance in There are different indicators for example impact factor, h-index, number of publications or citations that can measure the publication performance of scientists.

The indicators are used to evaluate scientists and create rankings. These types of rankings influence the judgment of a given researcher in the scientific community, his payment, or his chances of getting financial support for his projects. Different research areas have different characteristics and this makes measurement difficult.

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Before starting to create or use indicators for the evaluation of the performance of a given scientist, one should know the characteristics of the given research area. In this study the performances of the Hungarian economics researchers are analyzed.

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