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I am looking for a foreign partner and a job… I am an English, German language teacher. I am looking for someone who would help me finding a job, and in the meantime, we could get to know each other better and get together. Someone whose home could be my home as well. We could start off with an exchange holiday, in which I would host my partner first, with full board.

I am waiting for emails, with an introduction and a picture. Email: kontaktora23 gmail. I can speak German and English on an average level. I became single last month, so why not try it out abroad if change is inevitable? Men, no older than 50, preferably with university diplomas from European countries where German or English is spoken are welcome to apply.

This exchange holiday is a good way to find out whether what seemed to be working during our discussions in email or on the phone would also be working in real life.

Email: kontaktora24 gmail. Life isn't boring with me, i still do magical things, bring spring for the winter. I'm looking for durable relationship, if i find my lady, i live with her with pleasure. I answer all of the e-mail.

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Email: kontaktora25 gmail. I'm a young, gratuated girl, i do office job for humble payment. I image my future in abroad, with a foreign partner, and job. I don't like too stay away from my parents, so i would like to meet that austrian young men, who will be my partner, who help to i can start my life abroad, to i can find the right job. I don't against that we can live in a common housekeeping, if the chemical is work.

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I wait emails with photos. Who is likeable, that we can swap phone number, and skype contact via email. Email: kontaktora26 gmail. Media entrepreneur man interested in to meet pretty, english-well-speaking Austrian, German or Dutch ladies until I always work, there is no vacation for me. It is hard ujjbegy ráncosodás decide if life is continuous holiday or constant work.

Let's choose vacation! I can offer full board holiday for the lucky one and we can agree in personal and business details under the holiday exchange.

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Please introduce yourself in email with photo. Email: kontaktora27 gmail.

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I would like to meet a nice foreign, English, German or Belgian man, until the age of I have been learning English for a year now. I am waiting for emails with a picture attached to them. I would be happy to find a loving man abroad with a nice house and a good job for myself. Email: kontaktora28 gmail. I speak English and German. Email: kontaktora29 gmail. We are 20 and 22 years old girls.

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We live with our parents and speak in English. We can offer single room with complete catering. In return we expect exchange holiday with similar conditions at an agreed time. Email: kontaktora30 gmail. Nice looking woman who divorced few months ago would like to continue her life abroad. Not only due to disillusion but also because of less opportunities. As for me it makes no sense to stay here. I can live my life on easy street abroad but here with a lot of struggle is still unsure.

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A lot of example from my fellowship shows the same. I am looking for German or Austrian man til 50 years old. I can speak a little German, but english is preferred. I would be glad if a nice home, a loving man and a good job waited me abroad. Swiss fue hajbeültetés anti aging reply all emails with photo. Email: kontaktora31 gmail. My goal is to look for a foreign partner. Send me e-mails with photo and Skype access. A common holiday of weekend would be a great occasion for a personal meeting.

Email: kontaktora32 gmail. I am a 29 years old young man.

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My goal is to look for a foreign partner, to find a foreign job. Email: kontaktora33 gmail. Email: kontaktora34 gmail. Email: kontaktora35 gmail.

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Email: kontaktora36 gmail. Email: kontaktora37 gmail. We are a couple.

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We are looking for English, German, Austrian, Dutch, Belgian couple for home exchange, who we host them, her for the first time in Hungary.

Accommodation, full swiss fue hajbeültetés anti aging is ensured, great programs will be organized. Similar kind of recompense is expected. Email: kontaktora38 gmail.

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Email: kontaktora39 gmail. Email: kontaktora40 gmail. Click on these squaresthe each number has an inherent advertising site, on which the highlighted ads are shown.

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