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Several computers will be available at your convenience at TIK in the internet room.

After the second World War a mixed education was introduced, adding the training of skilled workmanship next to the real school. The current general gymnasial profile — aiming to achieve scientific excellence — was gradually built up starting from At the moment six different departments are operated: Mathematics-Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, General Studies with increased English or Spanish classesHumanities and a talent care division focusing on students with underprivileged backgrounds. The students achieve the best results in Mathematics and Sciences. The average grades of the final examinations and the number of students accepted to universities both mark efficiency of the education and talent care.

Invoice issues Please note that we will only deal with invoice in TIK during registration hours. All presenters are kindly asked to check and hand in their presentation at the Speakers Preview Centre at least 2 h prior to the lecture sessions.

trai anti aging lazer derma toll

It would be much appreciated if you could have your presentation uploaded a day before your session. If you do not have your presentation uploaded at TIK, you will have to get this done before the beginning of your session at the other venues. At least one of the authors should be present during the poster rounds to answer questions on Friday and Saturday.

trai anti aging lazer derma toll

All posters will be transported to the respective venues on Saturday evening by the organizers. Authors can remove their posters at the end of the day on Sunday.

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Please let us no if there are any changes in your departure time ASAP. Conference participants will be entitled to discounted prices from 22 nd th March You must show the driver your name badge or Radio Taxi card.

trai anti aging lazer derma toll

If you have any further requests regarding transport issues, please contact the Conference Registration Desk. Parking tickets can be bought at grocery stores, tobacconists and newsagents.

Неужели ты не представляешь, _сколько лет_ труда будет потрачено впустую. - Разве ты не можешь записать все, что следует сделать по каждому проекту.

We will also have some tickets available for you to purchase at the registration desk. However, you must have your car registered beforehand at the registration desk.

To claim credits, please turn in your attendance and evaluation forms at the end of the meeting to the Organizers. Smoking is prohibited trai anti aging lazer derma toll all venues.

trai anti aging lazer derma toll

Belgyógyászati Klinika, Szegedi Tudományegyetem. Delegates participate at all events at their own risk. Szeged is about km south-east of the capital.

trai anti aging lazer derma toll

You can reach the city within an hour and a half. For details please visit: www.

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