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Introduction Sleep is defined as a state of unconsciousness from which a person can be aroused.

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In this state, the brain is relatively more responsive to internal stimuli than external stimuli. Sleep should be anti aging center katy from coma.

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Coma is an unconscious state from which a person cannot be aroused. Sleep is essential for the normal, healthy functioning of the human body. It is a complicated physiological phenomenon that scientists do not fully understand.

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Historically, sleep was thought to be a passive state. However, sleep is now known to be a dynamic process, and our brains are active during sleep. Sleep affects our physical and mental health, and is essential for the normal functioning of all the systems of our body, including the immune system.

The effect of sleep on the immune system affects one's ability to fight disease and endure sickness. States of brain activity during sleep and wakefulness result from different activating and inhibiting forces that are generated within anti aging center katy brain.

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Neurotransmitters chemicals involved in nerve signaling control whether one is asleep or awake by acting on nerve cells neurons in different parts of the brain. Neurons located in the brainstem actively cause sleep by inhibiting other parts of the brain that keep a person awake.

Importance of Sleep Animal studies have shown that sleep is necessary for survival. The normal life span of rats is years. However, rats deprived of sleep live for only about 3 weeks.

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They also develop abnormally low body temperatures and sores on their tails and paws. The sores probably develop because of impairment of the rats' immune systems.

In humans, it has been demonstrated that the metabolic activity of the brain decreases significantly after 24 hours of sustained wakefulness. Sleep deprivation results in a decrease in body temperature, a decrease in immune system function as measured by white blood cell count the soldiers of the bodyand a decrease in the release of growth hormone.

Sleep mitől lehet piros a szem can also cause increased heart rate variability. For our nervous systems to work properly, sleep is needed.

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Sleep deprivation makes a person drowsy and unable to concentrate the next day. It also leads to impairment of memory and physical performance and reduced ability to carry out mathematical calculations. If sleep deprivation continues, hallucinations and mood swings may develop. Release of growth hormone in children and young adults takes place during deep sleep.

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Most cells of the body show increased production and reduced breakdown of proteins during deep sleep. Sleep helps humans maintain optimal emotional and social functioning while we are awake by giving rest during sleep to the parts of the brain that control emotions and social interactions. Stages of Sleep As mentioned earlier, sleep is a dynamic process.

There are 2 distinct states that alternate in cycles and reflect differing levels of neuronal activity. Each state is characterized by a different type of brain wave electrical activity that is recorded with the anti aging center katy of electrodes placed on the skull activity.

A complete sleep cycle, from the beginning of stage I to the end of REM sleep, usually takes about one and a half hours. For the purpose of analysis, a night's sleep is divided into 3 equal time periods: sleep in the first third of the night, which comprises the highest percentage of NREM; sleep in the middle third of the night; and sleep in the last third of the night, the majority of which is REM.

Awakening after a full night's sleep is usually from REM sleep. During this stage, the muscles begin to relax. An individual can be easily awakened during this stage. During stage II, brain waves slow down with occasional bursts of rapid waves.

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Eye movement stops during this stage. In stage III, extremely slow brain waves called delta waves begin to appear.

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They are interspersed with smaller, faster waves. In stage IV, delta waves are the primary waves recorded from the brain.

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These 2 stages are distinguished from each other only by the percentage of delta activity. It is difficult to wake up someone during these 2 stages. If someone is awakened during deep sleep, he does not anti aging center katy immediately and often feels groggy and disoriented for several minutes after waking up. Some children experience bedwetting, night terrors, or sleepwalking during deep sleep. The first REM period of the night may be less than 10 minutes in duration, while the last may exceed 60 minutes.

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In a normal night's sleep, bouts of REM occur every 90 minutes. When the person is extremely sleepy, the duration of each bout of REM sleep is very short or it may even be absent.

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REM sleep is usually associated with dreaming. During REM sleep, the eyeballs move rapidly, the heart rate and breathing become rapid and irregular, and the blood pressure rises.

The muscles of the body are virtually paralyzed. The electrical activity recorded in the brain during REM sleep is similar to that which is recorded during wakefulness. Sleep at Different Stages of Life Infancy Infants have an overall greater total sleep time than any other age group.

Their sleep time can be divided into multiple periods.

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In newborns, the total sleep duration in a day can be hours. Over the first several months of life, sleep time decreases; by age months, sleep consolidates into an overnight period with at least 1 nap during the day. Until age months, newborns transition from wakefulness into REM sleep. Thereafter, wakefulness begins to transition directly into NREM sleep. Adulthood In adults, sleep of In some cultures, total sleep is often divided into an overnight sleep period of hours and a nap of hours.

Some people may need as little as 5 hours or as much as 10 hours of sleep every day. The period of time a person sleeps depends also on the fact whether he or she has been deprived of sleep in previous days. Sleeping too little creates a "sleep debt. People who sleep less have an impairment of judgment and reaction time.

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Old age People tend rechy suisse anti aging sleep more lightly and for shorter periods as they get older. Time taken to fall asleep and the number and duration of overnight arousal periods increase. Thus, to have a fully restorative sleep, the total time in bed must increase. If the elderly person does not increase the total time in bed, complaints of insomnia and chronic sleepiness may occur. Sleep fragmentation results from the increase in overnight arousals and may be exacerbated by the increasing number of medical conditions related to old age, including sleep apnea interrupted breathing during sleepmusculoskeletal disorders, and cardiopulmonary disease.

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Rhythms That Influence Sleep Biological variations that occur in the anti aging center katy of 24 hours are called circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms are controlled by the body's biological clock. Many bodily functions follow the biologic clock, but sleep and wakefulness comprise the most important circadian rhythm.

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Circadian sleep rhythm is one of the several body rhythms modulated by the hypothalamus a part of the brain. Light directly affects the circadian sleep rhythm. Light is called a zeitgeber, a German word meaning time-giver, because it sets the biological clock.

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A practical purpose has been proposed for the circadian rhythm, using the analogy of the brain being somewhat like a battery charging during sleep and discharging during wakefulness.

Body temperature cycles are also under control of the hypothalamus. An increase in body temperature is seen during the course of the day and a decrease is observed during the night.

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