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Catastrophe English version DISASTER Andrey Stepanenko Following the Chronicles the Alexandrian Pharos was ruined nine times — in the years of, and The most amazing thing is it was renewed as a lighthouse only once — inand that attempt was unsuccessful.

More than that, it managed to crash down twice in one and the same day — July, 21, but in different years: and Strictly speaking, that happened at night between July, 20 and 21 — the Festival of the Nile River for the ancient Egyptians. Though, this is not the whole story: July, 21 miaoubox suisse anti aging the Fatal Day for the global history, because the greatest disasters are like glued on this day.

July, 21, — Alexandria weathered another earthquake, and the Pharos fell down for the second time. July, 21, — though, by Theophanous — A. Plenty of people were killed. July, 21, B.

This Goddess was the Empress of natural disasters. C the Babylonians destroyed the First Temple. The very event was followed by the Babylonian Enslavery during 70 years.

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Further, on the 9th of Av B. Though, one can see just a long chain of date matching… On the same very 9th of Av 70 or 68 A. Certainly, the 9th of Av 70 A. Taking in mind, there were no fire brigades those times two days is just enough time for the complete ruining of the enormous Temple. Finally, every time plenty of people were burnt alive in the Temple. The earthquake ruined the Pharos till the ground stage It seems that we come across the endless doubling of one and the same cataclysm taken its place on July, 21, though the year is still unknown.

The matter is in 70 A. It seems to me, any of armies was able to do this in those times. The natural disaster was the only possible explanation.


Neither a rammer, nor a stone mortar could do that. While Pap and Aphinogenus were celebrating in the church together with their wives and children the fire fell down from the heavens and threw them into deepness. The Temple of Appollo in Daphna, beyond Antiochy, was destroyed by the mysterious fire. The fire was falling down in many places and during forty days the light cloud looking like a huge tube was being seen in the sky.

Then the rain started, which broke away branches from the trees and threw down stones.

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Of course, it should be noted the Medival scholars have made a great puzzle with dates. Finally, the above mentioned Syrian City of Antiochy was annihilated for 19!

It means there were much less variously dated disasters in fact. The possible reason may be due to constant recalculation of the New Year date from September to January. Therefore, Jerusalem was destroyed both in 68 as well as in Aurelian burned the Alexandrian Library in, and Patriarch Theophilus burned this very library in and Yet, Caesar burned it in 51, 48 and 47 B. Amr ibn Al-As did it in and As you can see, the four possible dates when the Great Library was burnt can reach up to eleven variants.

However, it is quite normal miaoubox suisse anti aging dating deviation amounts a few thousand years which is because of usage of different world creation scales. Consider this. JESUS WAS Miaoubox suisse anti aging in from the creation of the World according to Judaic scale in by Hieronymus in by Samaritan scale in according to Alexandrine scale by Anianus in according to Alexandrine scale in according to Byzantine scale in according to Byzantine scale of Theophane in according to Africanus scale in according to Augustine scale in according to elucidator scale When a medieval monk misused the scale he gave out 55 versions of "shifts" alone which falsely let the event to be thrown off from 7 to years in the past.

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But there existed other scales there are tens of them. There was strong rivalry between different chronological tendencies when each chronicler aimed to use his own dating scheme and, as a result, when a common chronology started to be formed, we obtained what we have. Let's check out a few facts.

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Nearly the same difference years is between Judaic scale and Alexandrian scale The choice we have is quite little: - we either agree to believe in the magic of the 21 of June date, - or we consent to the fact that someone has confused the scales.

I like the second more. Well, some of you may ask, how many times did "the Fire from the Heavens" strike in fact, basing on the scientific ground?

The answer follows. As early as Professor Schaeffer published his work on comparative stratigraphy of the Bronze Age in the Middle East, in particular on Shliman's Hissarlyk miaoubox suisse anti aging. The ancient settlement was budai szemészeti központ merely burnt - the ground became fritted. And the same has happened in Iraq. This cannot be described in terms of industrial disaster because there were no ways to reach such temperatures in the Bronze Age.

Schaeffer gives an explanation of excavations: the similar events were happening in Etruria now Tuscanyin the Central America, the same wide fire traces stretch from Egypt to India, through Arabia, reaching China at the end.

Every time the blow struck, it made a serious damage. Occupation layers became empty but it also happened that nations became impossible to struggle for existence.

There are large lava spots of harrates in Arabia with no volcanoes aroundwhich are fields of fritted stone and completely dried streambeds of rivers, in fact. Cosmic shots perfectly show us dry streambeds of formerly broadest rivers in India. Another thing that we recollect is a famous fossil ancient Indian site that looks like it went through nuclear attack.

But glassy bodies are abundantly scattered in the south of China.

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Just the same bodies were left after the Tungus Meteorite struck. Fire disasters repeated six times precise dates will be discussed a bit laterwhich, though, were reflected in legends and chronicles in far larger scale.

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Let's examine some sides of this event. As you can see, both swirling smoke trace and fire arrows, hitting the ground, create an illusion of a genuine "army of angels".

The rock, sticking out miaoubox suisse anti aging the cloud, is supposedly the meteorite that is stored in the main city church. It resulted in nothing but people and cattle death. Another thing we are interested in is rocks. Fallen on dwellers of Ensisheim, they are scattered all over. These are no volcanic bombs, after all, just middle-sized bolides.

I believe it becomes clear now where so many stones, scattered on the streets of ruinous Jerusalem seen on panoramacome from, along with round holes and collapsed roofs.

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This is no surprise that the Holy Mountain Moriah turned out to be ploughed supposedly with an outrageous purpose. And it is clear that it was neither ploughed by burnt city defenders in the Temple nor by Roman soldiers who had no idea about either bull or peasant yoke. The rocks, fallen from the sky, are not unique.

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Inthe year after a vow to the third consulate of Gaius Marcius Rufus and the second consulate of Titus Manlius Torkwatus, the Temple of Moneth was sanctified. Right after the temple's sanctification a miracle happened, which was similar to that of an ancient miracle on the Albanian Mountain.

It rained of rocks and it seemed like night cast its shadow in the middle of the day. Terrible thunderstorm hit Novgorod. The black cloud hurtled rocks and large-sized hail. But still cosmic bodies should mostly be "fire from the sky", not solid bodies.

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For example, like this group of objects directly called «Balls of fire in miaoubox suisse anti aging sky». Or like these objects that fall across the world — from Germany to Singapore.

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A solid body, passing atmosphere, is supposed to become incandescent plasma and, like the Tungus Meteorite, hit the Earth with a miaoubox suisse anti aging clod of fire without leaving any trace. Here we have an explanation of harrates, the fields of fritted stone in formerly fertile Arabia.

This is the very place that makes a clear explanation of many spiritualized fiery characters of medieval mythology. The most interesting is the fact of the extreme likeliness of this very attack from the Heavens to that one, which has destroyed the city of Ensisheim.

Though, this very miniature differs in the only presence of the God. This is a very impotant picture of the comet as a Winged Maiden holding the binde of branches dated on Moreover, the branches in hand are also assignable: the traces of the largest comets were divided into a hundred and more prongs or even looked like a flaming bush. Two columns beneath are splitted and flaming.

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Another character belongs to the Ancient Greece mythology. The right hand is raised as well, though the nimb rounds not only her head but the whole sillouette. The only new element is serpants. The straight parallels to this very image one can find in the Christian icons as well. Some part of needles has striken the human being, and just the same is at the Greek fresco.

Finally, the Holy Transfiguration over the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem — among the clouds of terrible smoke depicted very accurately in the books of and Just a couple of examples concerning icons. First, we can see the Transfigured Jesus at the background of reversed 5-end star surrounded with the circle of the coma. The land under the feet of Jesus needs special attention: it has cracked and made holes.

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Just a citing concerning the matter: Both land and water trembled. We can also come across the Transfigured Jesus at the background of the 6-rayed star; though the most interesting are these images at the background of the tridiate. The Advent i. Three examples are given below: The Sultan Ahmed Ibn Toulun restored the Pharos and erected scaffolding to top a dome bowl, but the taking-shot wind ruined everything till ground.

Here you can see the Hinduism's God - Vajra Kilaya Phurba: the same circle behind, the same rays, and finally, the same shining three-ended image. Probably, this is due to the different geographical positioning of the eye-watchers in India and the Europe.

To our mind, this is also a comet, as in the Middle Ages they were often pictured in this way exactly: three-tailed and animated. Judging from the figures in the manuscripts ofand the Archangels both accompanied Jesus Christ and sometimes came alone in the shape of two comets.

There are six more proper fragments of the Byzantine icons. Here is an example of the Egyptian temple art. Despite the cultural differences, the parallels are very clear: the circle, the hobnailing rays, prepared for funeral just like Jesus Christ who has raised from dead afterwords Pharaoh; and even two eyes looking like two animated comets miaoubox suisse anti aging the Crucifixion of Jesus. Of course, the animation and deification of the natural elements is usual for the human nature.

Here are a couple of examples.

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In the Holy Trinity Day the the boding of the Holy Cross appeared in the sky surrounded with very bright light; it was slowly moving from the Mountain of Golgotha, where exactly Jesus Christ was crucified, towards the Mount of Olives, where He ascended from. At that the rainbow surrounded this image.

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The Cathedral of Chalcedony. Three Suns rose simultaneously, and there were 72 sky-signs. Terrible earthquake was everywhere. The pest and flashes in the Northern Land. Poor Antioch! The transcendent rainbow appeared in the sky in February and March; and each miaoubox suisse anti aging trembled, 'cause everyone was speaking about the End of Days.

The flaming and light-bringing sky-sign was observed. The comet looking like two shining Moons — joining and separating into different images and resembling the silhouettes of the headless man was watched in the sky.

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The windows of Heavens appeared from end to end, and the Satan freed from the Baptism of Christ's gyves. The Sun dimmed on the 13th day of the month of Kagots, and the Devil disengaged from the shackles of the Holy Rood.

The town of Polotsk was filled with terror. In the seventh summer of it Elijah the Prophet ascended by the flaming chariot. The Host of Heaven appeared and flied through the sky. The very same Host of Heaven is seen at the Jerusalem's panorama dated on Here this huge panorama is in whole. This is it's left bottom quarter, where Jesus is crucified.

Though, the interconnection between the thanks-offerings and comets is the matter worth of just separate paper. In our case it'd the most suitable to illustrate the fragment of the fresco from an Ethiopian temple.

The Angels circling above Jesus have flames instead of legs — they're painted very often in this manner, by the way.

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The parallels with the comets could be noticed even in such an innoxious cultural pattern as the animated Moon. Just look: there're different stages of development of the Donati Comet's coma dated on left and right; but in the very center — the Moon, taken from the picture of the comet event in However, it's reasonable to ask: is it the Moon at all?

And here — is it the Moon? Although, there's another image of legjobb öregedésgátló terméket célozza meg comet in the human culture, it's not so personified, but became a symbol of three major religions.

Let's start from the Islam.

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